Industry Application
The Elevator industry develops quickly with building industry booming. According to high requirement, laser cutting technology as one of the advanced technologies is brought into the market and widely use for elevator manufacturing due to the laser cutting machine with high speed and precision.

Rail transportation
Laser cutter is one of the most important technologies for the rail transport application area. As we all know, high precision of metal sheet is necessary for railway track. Specialized design with good cutting accuracy makes the laser cutter widely used in rail transportation.

  • Elevator
  • Rail transportation


With the rapidly development in automobile industry, high -dynamic machines become the first choice for manufacturers for the automotive components. The new technology laser cutter represented the application of new technology is a invaluable asset.


Laser cutter with good controllability of non-contact processing can cut the material fast with the advantage of narrow kerf, deformation micro, non heat-affected zone and high efficiency.

  • Automobile
  • Shipbuilding

Agriculture machinery

Compared with stamping mould, laser cutter can produce any pattern parts by CAD/CAM software with making full of the material. The laser cutting machine stands out due to high processing speed, high efficiency, low cost, stable and flexible in agriculture machinery.

Advertising board

The advertising board is almost made by all kinds of metal sheet with 4-15mm, stainless steel, carbon steel and so on. No burrs and special design is much necessary for the advertising board considering the artistic with laser cutting machine.

  • Agriculture machinery
  • Advertising board

Kitchen utensils

Metal sheet with environmental and easy cleaning gradually take the position of marble products in Kitchen industry. The thin metal material by laser cutting can be shown with different patterns to decorate the kitchen.


In recent years, laser processing equipment is more widely applied in the industrial field , such as the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, oil and energy industry, machinery, metallurgy and electronics fields.

  • Kitchen utensils
  • Machinery
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