Customized CNC Big Table Cutting Machine LEAD 24x 3m series

Customized CNC Big Table Cutting Machine LEAD 24x 3m series

Lead Laser is one of the toppest LEAD ∑ Big Table Cutting Machine in China.During these years of exporting , Lead Laser now has rich experience in the worldwide markets

  • Equipped with six-axis controlling technology and special cantilever flying optics, and also aluminum alloy structure
  • The laser keeps still to avoid any damage to the laser in certain cutting area
  • German gear and rack, precision ball screw, linear guide allow high precision and little noise
  • Excellent dust removing system and scrap collecting device improve the processing environment greatly.
  • The cutting head is a drawer-like type offering the possibility of mounting two different focus lengths, allowing very easy removing, changing and cleaning of the cutting lens, reducing the machine’s down time, whenever the lens needs to be checked.
  • Advanced beam controlling technology. Wherever the cutting head moves, the beam diameter keeps the same, which ensures stable cutting
  • Equipped with axis control of laser, and fast moving function, thus the moving speed of X1 axis can reach 40m/min.

Big table cutting
With big table cutting area and high speed
No limited to the sheet material size
Any big size can be customized flexibly

Laser source
Germany famous IPG Laser source is with high performance, long stability.
More than 100000 hours work-life of pumped diode
Wide range of operating wavelengths, single-mode and multi-mode options

Suction unit
With improved suction system for fumes and smokes, scrap pieces and heavy dust fall through the cutting tables into separate boxes that can easily be taken away from the side of the machine.
  • Big table cutting
  • Laser source
  • Suction unit
Available for cutting such metal sheet as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, alloy steel, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium and so on.
Widely used in the sheet metal processing, shipbuilding, automobile, rail transportation, agriculture machinery, advertising board ,kitchen utensils, machinery, elevator and so on.
Item LEAD∑series Unite
X axis stroke 2500-5500 mm
Y axis stroke 1520 mm
Z axis stroke 100 mm
X1/X2/X3 axis stroke 9000-30000 mm
XY axis positioning accuracy ±0.03 mm/m
X1/X2/X3 axis positioning accuracy ±0.1/10000 mm
Repeat positioning accuracy X、Y axis ±0.02 mm
X1/X2/X3axis ±0.05 mm
X、Y axis maximum speed 100 m/min
Z axis maximum Positioning speed 30 m/min
X1/X2/X3 axis maximum Positioning speed 40 m/min
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