High power CNC CO2 laser cutter LEAD-πIIF 4020/6022/8025 for thick metal

High power CNC CO2 laser cutter LEAD-πIIF 4020/6022/8025 for thick metal

Lead Laser is one of the toppest Laser cutting machine for metal,CO2 laser cutting machine,LEAD-πIIF 4020/6022 laser cutting machine in China.During these years of exporting , Lead Laser now has rich experience in the worldwide markets

  • Integral gantry structure, high-speed synchronous drive system
  • High-rigidity aluminum alloy beam and A axis slide board with great dynamic performance
  • Advanced European CNC system specially designed for laser cutting
  • German precision linear guide, reducer, spiral gear, anti backlash system ensures high precision, high speed and great reliability
  • Central lubricating system and excellent dusting removing system
  • Mechanical shuttle table
  • Variable focal length and piercing function
  • Intelligent control system of cutting quality is an option
  • Integral structure, covering a smaller area that similar model
  • Constant beam path for CO2 laser

Cutting head
The Precetic HP2″ cutting head with good performance is applied universally for CO2 lasers.
The proved cartridge change system makes switching fast and easy

LPM function
The piercing process for all materials and thicknesses is automatically controlled by the LPM unit.
  • Cutting head
  • LPM function

Auto focus system
Use LT ULTRA adapter mirror system fast and reliable automatic focus adjustment
Easy maintains and few faults happened.

Using fast axial flow USA PRC CO2 laser source
With strong pulsing at piercing, low cost of electricity and so on

  • Auto focus system
Available for cutting such metal sheet as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, alloy steel, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium and so on.
Widely used in the sheet metal processing, shipbuilding, automobile, rail transportation, agriculture machinery, advertising board ,kitchen utensils, machinery, elevator and so on.
Item LEDAπIIF-4020 LEDAπIIF-6022 LEDAπIIF-6025 Unite
Cutting plate size 4000*2000 6000×2200 6000×2500 mm
X axis stroke 4050 6050 6050 mm
Y axis stroke 2025 2225 2525 mm
Z axis stroke 100 100 100 mm
XY axis positioning accuracy ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03 mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.03 0.03 0.03 mm
Maximum speed of machine tool 150 150 150 m/min
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