BORCHE established in early 2003, it is the Supervisor Unit of China Plastic Machinery Industry Association. Focus on the research and development 、production and manufacturing products about 25g ~ 300000g by intelligent injection molding machine, He is an expert of two-platen intelligent injection molding machine, the first manufacturer of 6800-ton two-platen intelligent injection molding machine in Asia.The products are widely used in Aerospace、National Defense、Transportation、Electronics、Construction、 Biomedical and other fields. BORCHE is the fifth China Plastic Machinery Industry Association President Unit, also is the first batch of 46 National Intelligent Manufacturing pilot demonstration project enterprises, the national intelligent manufacturing new model application demonstration project unit.
  • BORCHE headquarter in Guangzhou
  • Zhejiang Hangzhou BORCHE Factory
Since 2003, BORCHE was founded in an old state-owned enterprise in Haizhu District in Guangzhou. After 15 years of development, BORCHE has been at the forefront of the plastic machinery industry in terms of technological innovation and product development, and has finally become a first-tier brand in the industry.

If an enterprise wants to be a leader in the industry, it is not enough only to have ideal ambition, but also to meet the needs of the development of the general trend of society. China's manufacturing industry should not only face the pressure of competition from domestic enterprises, but also from southeast Asia 、Africa and other international competition. In 2020,BOECHE has clearly recognized that the manufacturing industry will enter a very difficult stage in the future, so it spents a lot of manpower、material resources and financial resources to conceive the flexible intelligent injection molding factory, and started the transformation from manufacturing to intelligence. In 2013, implement automation、informationize、digitized "Injection molding smart factory" . In 2016, built a new mode of large injection molding equipment intelligent factory from within the enterprise, and now fully entered the era of intelligent injection molding cloud and exported to the outside world about "injection molding industry 4.0",Provide customers with two-board smart note.
During this 15-year period, BORCHE transformed from Made in China to Created in China step by step , and now upgrading to Intelligent Manufacturing in China. BORCHE has the responsibility and confidence to represent China in the entire field of large smart injection molding machines, especially isTwo-plate intelligent injection molding machine,become a leader in China even in the world.
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Assist Cooperation
BORCHE earliest purchase from LEAD LASER  is one cantilevered carbon dioxide laser cutting machine LEAD -3015 with 3000W  power. With the transition from manufacturing to intelligence, BORCHE found that neither the speed nor the efficiency of the carbon dioxide cutting machine were satisfactory, so when purchasing new equipment, considered the fiber cutting machine with faster cutting speed . During the procurement process, BORCHE made a detailed comparison from the mainstream brands in the market. After the comparison, BORCHE found that LEAD LASER was outstanding in both products  and after-sales service . During the procurement process, BORCHE made a detailed comparison from the mainstream brands in the market. After the comparison, BORCHE found that LEAD LASER was outstanding in both products  and after-sales service .Due to two enterprises have established a deep friendship with each other during the long-term cooperation, BORCHE purchased two sets fiber laser cutting machines LEADπIF-3015D from LEAD LASER. In the actual use process, the engineers from the BORCHE company exclamation that the speed and the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine from LEAD LASER is indeed very high, the processing cost has been greatly reduced, and the daily output has also increased dramatically, BORCHE will continue to purchase machines from the LEAD LASER in the later period.
Since the use of two sets fiber cutting machines from LEAD LASER, some complex workpieces can be rapidly formed at one time, it is very suitable for assembly and manufacturing. Alliance between giants,one is the leader of the laser equipment industry, the other is the leader of the injection molding machine industry, the joint development of LEAD LASER and BORCHE will contribute their powers for transformation and upgrading from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese intelligent manufacturing .
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