Automatic loading and unloading tube cutting machine LEAD Τ 6515

Automatic loading and unloading tube cutting machine LEAD Τ 6515

Lead Laser is one of the toppest LEAD Τ 6515 Tube Cutting Machine in China.During these years of exporting , Lead Laser now has rich experience in the worldwide markets

  • Self-centering feeding chuck, capable of round, square, rectangle and other kind of profiles’ clamping. And clamping force can be adjusted manually or automatic.
  • Self-adjusting assisting chuck, the chuck could adjust itself according to the part program,
  • so it perfectly fits the requirement of small batch production, for mass production just need one time adjustment.
  • Position reconfigurable assisting chuck, under different cutting status, the program can auto configure the position of the assisting chuck, to minimize the residual length of the material to save custom cost.
  • Material auto-alignment, auto aligning the material to the machine axis, avoid manual loading, which guarantee the safe operation and avoid collision between chuck and material.
  • Real-time material supporting, CNC controlled material supporting axis will follow the contour of profile in real-time, to improve the machine accuracy, and can automated retract to avoid collision.
  • Fully enveloped cutting zone with big fiber laser proofed watching window to guarantee the safety of the operator.
  • Auto lubrication, equipped with auto-lubrication system to simplify ordinary maintenance procedure.

Chuck system
Self-centering feeding chuck, is capable for round, square, rectangle and other kind of profiles’ clamping automatically and the clamping force can be adjusted.

Auto-focus Cutting Head
The focus adjustment is motorized by an integrated capacitive distance sensor.
Even with irregular tubes, the laser cutting process parameters will be kept constant during the entire production.

CNC control
A powerful CNC lies at the heart of the Lead Laser tube laser cutting performance.
All important laser components are integrated in one single closed-loop control system mastering every single aspect of the laser cutting process at a microsecond-level cycle-time.
  • Chuck system
  • Auto-focus Cutting Head
  • CNC control


All tubes such as rectangular, round tube and so on available for cutting such metal sheet as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, alloy steel, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium and so on.
Widely used in the sheet metal processing, shipbuilding, automobile, rail transportation, agriculture machinery, advertising board ,kitchen utensils, machinery, elevator and so on.

Item Specification Unite
Machine model LEAD τ-6515
Machining Range Round tube φ20~160 mm
Square tube φ20~150 mm
Max.wall thickness 8 mm
Work Length 3500~6500 mm
Axis Stroke X1 axis 7500 mm
Y axis 620 mm
Z axis 125 mm
A axis Nx360 degree
Rapid speed X1 axis 80 m/min
Y axis 100 m/min
Z axis 60 m/min
A axis 80 RPM
Linear positioning precision ±0.05 mm
Repeatability ±0.03 mm
Total Weight 12000 Kg
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