Automatic tube and sheet metal Laser Cutting Machine LEAD πtvF 6015

Automatic tube and sheet metal Laser Cutting Machine LEAD πtvF 6015

Lead Laser is one of the toppest LEAD πtvF Series Laser Cutting Machine in China.During these years of exporting , Lead Laser now has rich experience in the worldwide markets

  • Specialized anti-collision laser cutting head designed by Lead Laser ensures fast speed and high precision processing.
  • Considerate design of dust removing system with different cavities, and huge wind channel improves the working condition
  • Automatic tube champing system improve the cutting efficiency
  • Tube motion system is an integrated design with the main machine for sheet; this design ensures the high precision and fast speed of tube processing.
  • The tube cutting system is easy to move, which makes it convenient to load and unload sheet metal

Tube combine with sheet
This machine is integrated with the tube and sheet cutting design for one machine. ;
The tube cutting part system is flexible to move, for the convenience of loading and unloading sheet required.

CNC system
With powerful CNC, precision control of the laser cutting performance is guaranteed.
Fast processing of all tasks and introduces virtually no dead-times in the production.
  • Tube combine with sheet
  • CNC system
Movement and rotation axis
The movement axis driven by servo motor to feed linear direction
Two rotation axis driven by servo motor is for the rotation movement
The rotation angle for the longer tube controlled in precision is guaranteed.

Cypcut system
Cyp Cut software for nesting and programming, easy for operation
  • Movement and rotation axis
  • Cypcut system
Available for cutting such metal sheet as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, alloy steel, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium and so on.
Widely used in the sheet metal processing, shipbuilding, automobile, rail transportation, agriculture machinery, advertising board ,kitchen utensils, machinery, elevator and so on.
Item LEAD πtVF-4015 LEAD πtVF-6015 Unite
Sheet Processing Range(mm) 4000x 1500 6000 x1500 mm
Tube Processing Diameter (mm) φ30~150 φ30~160 mm
Tube Processing length(mm) 4000 6000 mm
XY Axis Positioning Precision(mm/m) ±0.03 ±0.03 Mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy(mm) 0.02 0.02 mm
W Axis Positioning Precision(mm) 15 15 mm
Max Positioning Speed(m/min) 60 60 m/min
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